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Whether you are an advertiser, publisher, or marketing agency, Blue Phoenix Media can fulfill your marketing needs. Why not have all of your marketing needs served in one place? At Blue Phoenix Media we strive to provide you with the customer service that you deserve by carefully managing your needs and working together to make sure you are reaching your marketing goals. For advertisers, Blue Phoenix Media has exclusive web properties, that enable you maximum brand awareness. For publishers, we help you build targeted campaigns so there is no wasted marketing dollars. At Blue Phoenix Media, we ensure our quality and one on one service for both our publishers and advertisers alike.

In recent news, our CEO Amy Sheridan was invited by the Federal Trade Commission to Washington, D.C to be part of a panel discussing Lead Generation in Education. This was the first FTC Lead Generation Workshop on this topic. Read more in the Press Release.


  Blue Phoenix Network If you are interested CPA marketing, we also house an affiliate network Blue Phoenix Network. Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness or you are looking for an effective ROI on your media dollar Blue Phoenix Media can help you.
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  The Academic Network Through a variety of online marketing strategies, Blue Phoenix Media can generate quality leads through our various Education Portals. The Academic Network is only as good as the schools it represents, and here at Blue Phoenix Media, we work with some of the top schools in the Education space.
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  The Home Services Network The Home Services Network is comprised of a variety of effective large to medium vertical sites. We provide home service contractors with high quality targeted leads. Our years of experience is what makes's The Home Services Network a great team to work with.
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